Course Re-design

One of the first things to note when investigating or redesigning a course is that the course exists as a complex system that cannot be considered in isolation.

I developed this diagram based on representations of Ecological Systems Theory, Field Theory, and Dimensions of Leadership in Higher Education. The concentric circles show the various levels that affect, and may be affected by the course, with arrows demonstrating that each level is interrelated.

Institutional Framework for Course Redesign

As part of a large grant from eCampus Ontario, a group of 11 researchers — myself included — from the Office of Open Learning, Centre for Teaching and Learning, and Office of the Provost completed action research consisting of the completion, documentation, and analysis of a course redesign case study. As project manager, I collaborated with multiple teams of researchers, practitioners, students, and administrators. As this was my first experience as project manager, I educated myself on effective practices and sought mentorship from my collaborators. I worked closely with an administrator who constantly challenged me, motivated me, and kept me engaged – both in the project and my own professional development.

I am an easily excitable person who is eager to learn about a lot of things, but I can get distracted. And because this project had so many moving parts, it was important to me to keep track of each

The case study itself involved working with an instructor, several educational developers, and two research assistants. We developed a mixed-method research project investigating factors related to student performance in a first-year large-enrolment course.

I worked closely with the instructor to identify their teaching values and practices, as well as their perceptions of their students and the course.

Through an intense collaboration with Bev Hamilton, I created this framework diagram to illustrate and guide the process of course redesign.

a complex diagram depicts the framework for course redesign. Email for more information.

I know this image has a lot of text that is not readable, so here is a link to the full resolution .png file, in case you would like to explore it further by zooming in. I also have an expanded text version of this that I can share by request.