Visual Design

As someone who grew up entrenched in visual arts, I consistently find ways to bring my skill, aesthetic, and love of the arts into my work. My dad is an artist by trade – we had an art gallery in our home for ten years, and often traveled to art shows where strangers would exclaim how I had my dad’s talent and kindly pay me a dollar or two for whatever I created in the corner of his tent. I was definitely no savant, but having my dad’s customers pay me for my “art” left a lasting impression on me. I don’t often get the chance to practice my creative art hobbies, but I am always eager to bring the visual arts into my job as an educational developer.

a scribbled line in the shape of a person shrugging with their hands up by their shoulders and #ShrugCon written between the elbows

I designed this logo in consultation with the conference committee for In Search of a Pedagogy of Abundance: Preparing Students for an Uncertain Future #ShrugCon. (2024)

The original version of this can be seen in Dave Cormier’s blog post #ShrugCon – An emerging conference to lay ground-work for uncertainty.

As the project-manager of the grant that helped bring Supplemental Instruction to the University of Windsor, I played a primary role in the naming and branding of the Peer-Assisted Learning Sessions program. I chose colours similar to those of the University, but enhanced the contrast slightly to make a bolder statement. The concentric circles were meant to represent our never-ending learning journeys, with the rough edges and scribbled printing reminding us of the messy and unfinished process. (2018)

I designed a set of these badges for the Humanizing Digital Learning micro-credential program. The final design used for the micro-credentials was completed by the Public Affairs and Communications office, but their designs were based on mine. (2023)

Sample Artworks

Finding Nemo, mixed media on paper (2023)
Eddie Vedder, graphite on paper (2017)
Rainy Detroit Skyline, acrylic paint on canvas (2020)
Maggie, commissioned, coloured pencil on paper (2022)
Your Mom, coloured pencil on paper (2020)
Perseverance, watercolour paint on mixed media board (2017)
You’d Better Think (Aretha Franklin in 1968 – original photo by Getty Images), coloured pencil on paper (2021)
Doe Eyes, commissioned (Prince, original photo on cover of Time Magazine Commemorative Edition, 2016), coloured pencil on paper (2022)
From Aretha (Aretha Franklin singing at Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2009, original photo by Ron Edmunds/AP), coloured pencil on paper (2021)